Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Year, New Exhibition...

Entrance to the exhibition - Off the Wall

New Year, New's that time of year again when the annual Work-in-Progress exhibition comes around, which is a key milestone in our academic year here at the RCA. In previous years the fashion and textile's research students (MPhil and PhD) have usually exhibited as part of the larger cohort of fashion and textile MA students. In a new approach, this year as a group we decided to showcase our current working practice within our own self-contained and dedicated gallery area within the much larger exhibition - Off the Wall an exhibition-within-an-exhibition. How successful we have have been you can judge for yourself - since the exhibition is now open everyday from 10.00 - 17.30 until 18th January.

Here below is a brief taster of my own exhibit in the exhibition entitled Antwerpen (Anvers) [Antwerp]: Towards a Case Study, which focuses on one of my ''case study'' cities in my much larger research project looking at the material and materiality of developing that goes into formulating such a case study. The ''mood board'' is a key part of developing fashion collections, and in the spirit of this my exhibit takes the form of a real-life 3-D mood board or collage of material I've collected and is being used to shape and inform my work.

Off the Wall - because everything in the exhibition was exhibited ''off the wall'', suspended from a central hanging rail running through the gallery space

''Mood-board''/''Collage'' of artefacts

Plinth built of fashion magazines Considering the materiality of my research - what are the research materials?

Caramello - The Original Mokatine - bringing to life the sensory experience of Antwerp

Abstract Banners, provided with support from Macroart

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