Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Preparing for Maastricht

This week has seen me mostly finalizing preparations for the exhibition of my first short film project in time for the journey to the Netherlands. I am participating in the Fashion Clash Expo 2010 which is being held in Maastricht, famous for the signing of the EU treaty, its hosting of the annual TEFAF fine art and antiques fair, and is the self-styled culinary capital of the Netherlands. Am looking forward to this trip, partly as I will be in the company of Caroline Collinge, my collaborator for this project (she'll be showcasing her own costume installation), and also for the chance of visiting Maastricht as the perhaps one the more unusual claimants to the title of Fashion City.

Prior to this project I have seldom viewed myself as a 'maker' in the sense of someone who produces artifacts or objects for exhibition. Yet here I am located in an institution of makers, of one sort or another, and now I am myself producing research which can also be viewed as a tangible product, not only as an ethereal idea or scheme. It will be interesting to hear the responses and feedback from visitors to the Expo about my own and Caroline's work, especially as for me I am entering into very much unknown territory on many levels.

Fashion Clash itself is an unusual event, it that over its short run of just three days it combines the curating of an exhibition, the performance of fashion with runway shows and even a trade fair element with a shop set up for participants to sell their wears (perhaps the opportunity to collect a Fashion Souvenir even?). The event organisers, Branko Popovic and Nawie Kuiper, aim to showcase a variety of practitioners who work across fashion in an inter-disciplinary way, so am curious to see how they achieve this aim.

More information about Fashion Clash Maastricht 2010 can be found at:

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